How to use DHL Global Mail (DHL eCommerce) with ShippingEasy

Our partners at Endicia have built support for creating DHL Global Mail (also known as DHL eCommerce) shipments. If you are working with DHL Global Mail, your account manager at DHL Global Mail will coordinate with Endicia to enable your Endicia account for access to these carrier services.

Account Setup

Follow this check-list to set up your DHL Global Mail account within ShippingEasy:
  1. Confirmed that your DHL Global Mail account manager has coordinated with Endicia to enable your Endicia account.
  2. Contact our Customer Success team to let us know you are using DHL Global Mail international and/or domestic services.
  3. The ShippingEasy Customer Success team will enable access to the DHL Global Mail carrier services within ShippingEasy.

You can reach out to our Customer Success team in the following ways:

  • Paid subscribers, who have already set up their ShippingEasy account, will see links to email, call, or chat above the blue navigation menu in the app.  
  • Anyone can post questions in our Community forum and our team will be happy to assist.


After the Customer Success team enables your ShippingEasy account to use DHL Global Mail, you will notice a difference on the READY TO SHIP page. When you are processing a shipment (or a batch), DHL Global Mail will be listed as a Carrier:

NOTE: When you select a DHL Global Mail service, ShippingEasy will not display a rate quote. Purchasing DHL Global Mail labels does not reduce the postage balance in your Endicia account - instead, DHL Global Mail will invoice you for your shipments.

If you see this error message on the READY TO PRINT screen:

Check with your account manager at DHL Global Mail to verify that Endicia did in fact enable your Endicia First Class Account with the correct DHL Global Mail services.

Daily Manifest

For domestic DHL Global Mail shipments, log in to your Endicia account at to print out a Driver Summary Manifest. Learn more about downloading domestic DHL GM manifests from

If you are using DHL Global Mail as an international consolidator, you will need to create a manifest each day after you have created all international labels for that day. 

NOTE: If a product description is entered to include a solid line breaking the text, ie. “PARTY KANGAROO | L SERIES” This will need to be removed or it will cause an error in the process. 

On the SHIPMENT HISTORY page, click the link for the DHLGM Daily Manifest.


And then just click the Create Manifest button. The manifest number that was assigned will be displayed in the list.


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