ConnectEasy is a downloaded application that directly prints labels, packing slips, and pick lists from the app to your printer. This eliminates the need to work with PDFs by sending jobs to the assigned printer.

If you have a USB connected scale on your computer, you can also configure ConnectEasy to automatically update the weight field within the app.

Install ConnectEasy

Install ConnectEasy on your Mac or PC using one of the guides below, which include a video walkthrough:

How To Install ConnectEasy for Mac

How To Install ConnectEasy for Windows

Configure ConnectEasy

Once ConnectEasy is installed and the identifier and passphrase have been added, the setup modal will disappear from your screen. Now the program is ready to be configured. Navigate back to the ConnectEasy setup page and click the Configure Printers button below the identifier and passphrase.


Select your printer from the Add Printer drop-down menu.


Then simply move the radio buttons to select which printer will do which job and Save. 


You can use more than one printer to print different jobs. This image below shows a label printer printing labels, and a normal 8.5x11 printer printing the packing slips:



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