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We have a few key settings to get you started with setting up your ShippingEasy account. These are important settings to get the full benefit of shipping fast and saving money. Let’s get started - this will take you 15 minutes or less!

If you prefer, feel free to watch the short video that covers the information in this section and follow along on your account:


This section of the guide will cover the most important parts of the store settings related directly to new account setup. This portion will take about 5 minutes. Keep in mind, your store may not have every setting listed in this guide. Amazon stores, for example, have about half of what is covered in this guide. Feel free to explore the settings on this page in more depth by checking out this article here. 

Settings like contact email address, store logo, and whether or not you send a shipping confirmation email are adjusted within the store settings. This should be done for each store you connect, as well as the “manual orders” store. To start, navigate to Settings in the top right, and Stores & Orders in the bottom left menu. Or click this link to follow along:

Store Info

1. Click on the logo of the store you want to configure to open the settings.

2. On the Store Info tab are four primary fields: store name, phone, email, and website. Fill out these fields with the information you want to display to your customer. Note: Phone number is not displayed to your customer by default.


4. Fill out the "Ship From Postal Code" If it is different than the zip code listed in your shipping address.

Be sure to hit save at the bottom of this page, as each tab is saved individually.


Branding Tab

This tab is where you upload your store logo to appear on emails and packing slips, and/or the label itself. You also set a customized message for your packing slip.

1. Click on the branding tab

2. Upload your logo in the first tab for it to appear on emails and packing slips

3. Upload your logo in the second tab for it to appear on the label itself

Note: Ensure the file you upload is under 1 MB in size and JPG or PNG format


4. If you use packing slips, write a short (1-2 sentence) message in the packing slip message field. If you don't use packing slips this step can be skipped.

Orders Tab

1. Click on the orders tab

2. Under the "Enabled Order Statuses" section, check the box next to the order statuses you wish to bring into ShippingEasy from your store for shipping


Notifications Tab

Finally, navigate to the Notifications Tab. The main items to be adjusted on this page are the email settings. In the confirmation email settings, we have options to send Shipment Confirmation, as well as Delivery Confirmation emails.  There are two things to keep in mind when setting up these two settings:

  • If you have these emails set up to be sent out of your store when orders are marked as shipped, those emails will still send and delivery confirmation emails only work with USPS, FedEx, and UPS shipments.
  • Make sure it’s only your store or ShippingEasy that is sending those emails, otherwise, your customer will get two sets of email notifications.


Check the box under "Return email Settings" to send a return email to customers when you purchase a return label. Note: This does not automatically purchase return labels.

Down at the bottom of this page are the Reply Email and BCC settings. The first two fields bcc the email you provide on all email correspondence to your customers, like shipment confirmations. The bottom field should not be left blank. This is the reply-to email a customer will have if they need to respond to any emails sent by you.

Hit save when you’re done on this page, then go back to the main Stores and Orders page, and repeat the process for each store you have connected to ShippingEasy as well as the manual orders store.


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