How to: Connect a FedEx account with ShippingEasy

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ShippingEasy provides the option to connect an existing FedEx account. This helps consolidate all your shipping into one solution - saving you more time! Better yet, by integrating your FedEx account with ShippingEasy, you see your negotiated rates side by side with other carriers' rates.

Set up is easy - just follow these simple steps:

  1. Within ShippingEasy, navigate to SETTINGS >> POSTAGE AND CARRIERS.


  2. Scoll down to FedEx.

  3. Select the grey Connect existing account button.

    connect existing account fedex.png

  4. Insert your FedEx Account Number and your FedEx Meter Number.

    connect fedex account information.png
  5. Click the blue Connect Account button.

You're all set to start printing FedEx labels!

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