How many copies of USPS international customs forms do I need?

The customs authorities in each destination country decide the number of copies of the shipping document, including the Legal Terms and Conditions, that are mandated. The number also varies depending on the origin country. Learn more about each country's specific requirements and restrictions.

ShippingEasy subscribers: ShippingEasy provides merchants the correct number of copies needed to print out. Some services will yield three customs forms/labels, and others only one.

For shipments that produce three copies of the label, put them in a plastic sleeve (like this one recommended by USPS) affixed to the exterior of the package.

Retail customers: Complete the PS Form 2976-R at the post office and hand it over to the postal representative. The representative will complete the electronic paperwork required for the shipment. Learn more about customs forms from USPS.

Where are you shipping?

When shipping First Class International Mail to any destination, or Priority Mail International to Military Mail and U.S. Territories, the total value of the shipment cannot be more than $400.

The value would need to be adjusted or, depending on the package details, the order could be split.

One (1) customs form:

USPS only requires one customs form copy when shipping to these select international destinations:

  • Australia
  • Canada
  • Costa Rica
  • Military Mail (APO, DPO, FPO, MPO)
  • U.S. Territories
  • Freely Associated States

Only one form is needed for these destinations, regardless of the USPS service selected.

What service are you using?

If you are shipping to a country other than those listed above, the number of forms you need is determined by the service you select.

One (1) customs form:
  • Priority Mail International
    • Small Flat-Rate Box
    • Flat-Rate Envelopes
  • First-Class Mail International
Three (3) customs forms:
  • Priority Mail Express International
  • Priority Mail International 



For something labeled how many and why, the answer was very short on the why. While what printed might be correct, in my case 4 copies. After reading this support article, I'm still left wondering why.

Also they aren't all the same, so which one goes where? I am finding it almost irresponsible to place the one with the postage on the exterior of the box, because it also has the description of the contents and the valuation. Does that really go on the outside of the box? What do I do with the other that has no postage but values? What about the one with just the address, but no postage and no contents or valuation? This support article fell very short of informative.

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Hi Ashton - Thank you for the feedback! We're always looking for opportunities to improve our Support Center content. I hope that the content revision answers your questions, but I would be happy to revise this article further if there are any remaining gaps.

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