Do I need a phone number on every FedEx shipment?

FedEx requires that a phone number accompany every shipment. This is to assist the FedEx carrier if there is a delivery problem.

ShippingEasy will automatically map the phone number provided by your customer during checkout.

Should your customer omit their phone number, we will automatically fill the phone number saved with the "Ship From" address. The "Ship From" address is mapped from your SHIP FROM ADDRESSES settings.

If there is neither a customer phone number nor a shipper phone number saved to the SHIP FROM ADDRESSES, then the phone number saved in your ACCOUNT DETAILS will be used.

In the instance that a phone number cannot be found, an error will be displayed on the READY TO SHIP page. You will need to manually provide a phone number for the order. Furthermore, we recommend updating your settings by going to SETTINGS >> SHIP FROM ADDRESSES. Then add a valid phone number to each address. The phone number format is XXX-XXX-XXXX


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