How to: Bill my FedEx shipments to a third party account

If you have integrated an existing FedEx account with ShippingEasy, you'll have the option to bill your FedEx shipments to your account or a third party. Learn more about connecting your FedEx account.

Specify billing to a third party for both individual shipments and batches.

When applied to a batch, individual orders can be edited to bill to a different third party as needed.  Learn more about editing individual shipments in a batch.

Follow these easy steps to bill to a third party account:

  1. From the READY TO SHIP page, select an order that needs to be billed to a third party FedEx account.
  2. Make your Carrier, Carrier Service, Packaging, and Weight selections.
  3. Once a rate has appeared, you'll see an additional "Billing" dialog appear below the "Carrier Selections" dialog. By default, the Bill Shipment To menu is set to Sender.
    bill shipment to sender.PNG
  4. Click the Bill Shipment To menu and select Third Party. The dialog will refresh and options to input the Account Number and Account Postal Code. These are both required fields.

    NOTE: ShippingEasy is unable to verify that the Account Postal Code is correct. If it does not match the Account Number, the postage will be billed to Sender. Internationally-based FedEx accounts cannot be charged as they do not have a valid 5-digit zip code
  5. Enter the third party billing information.  If you would like to save the account information for future use, check the Save Third Party Billing option.  

  6. Finish processing your shipment as usual. Rather than invoicing your account, FedEx will invoice the third party account.


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