Am I required to enter UPS invoice information when integrating with ShippingEasy?

ShippingEasy offers two ways to integrate with UPS: UPS from ShippingEasy One Balance and existing UPS accounts.

UPS from ShippingEasy One Balance is part of a single postage account for use with multiple carriers that offers exclusive savings to connected shippers. This account does not require a UPS invoice information to integrate. Learn how to connect a UPS from One Balance account.

Existing UPS account do require invoice information when integrating with ShippingEasy. If you have an invoice on file with UPS from the past 45 days you will be required to gather and enter the data during integration. Find out how to access your invoice information.

If you do not have an invoice from the past 45 days, then attempt to move through registration without entering this information. If you successfully integrate, then no invoice information was required. If UPS returns an error message "Invoice number is required", then you will need to contact UPS to source the invoice information required in order to integrate. UPS can be contacted at 1-800-742-5877.

IMPORTANT: Do not try more than 3 times to integrate with ShippingEasy if you continue to encounter error messages. UPS has strict security policies where after 3 failed attempts, your UPS account will be locked out for a 24hr period.

If you have a brand new UPS account and do not yet have an invoice, it is likely you will need to put through a test shipment via your profile in order to receive an invoice. Once the invoice is received, you can integrate with ShippingEasy and then proceed to void the test shipment.


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