Connect UPS with ShippingEasy | How To

ShippingEasy provides the option to connect your own UPS accounts, allowing you to access UPS services and negotiated rates right from ShippingEasy.

Connecting your own UPS Account to ShippingEasy

CAUTION: UPS has a very sensitive authentication process. Be sure to enter the required information carefully, paying careful attention to punctuation and capitalization. If you have 3 failed connection attempts, your account will be locked out for a 24 hour period.

  1. Logged into ShippingEasy, navigate to SETTINGS >> ONE BALANCE AND CARRIERS, and scroll down to UPS.
  2. If you already have a UPS account, click the grey Connect existing account button.
  3. On the integration page, you are now asked for your "UPS Account Information". Insert your UPS Account Number (also known as your UPS Shipper Number).
  4. Insert the Rate Type for your account: Customer Counter, Daily Pickup, One Time Pickup. This determines the rates ShippingEasy provides from UPS on the READY TO SHIP page when calculating a rate quote. If at a later point you decide to change your pickup options you can do so via your UPS account settings. UPS pickups are set up via your UPS account and scheduled via Learn more about UPS pickup options.
  5. Specify the Return Shipment Method you want to use for return labels. Learn how to schedule a UPS pickup.
  6. Check the box for UPS SurePost enabled if your UPS account includes SurePost services. Learn more about SurePost.
  7. Next, you are asked to enter the "UPS Invoice Information" for your account. Please use a paper or downloaded invoice from within the past 45 days and carefully insert this data, as incorrect information entered 3 times can lead to a 24-hour lockout of your account.

    TIP: When entering the Invoice Amount, omit the $ sign and only enter a numeric value. Ex: 20.16. In addition, if you have a Control ID, be sure to enter this value.

  8. If you have negotiated rates, tick the checkbox Yes, I Have Negotiated Rates. This will allow UPS to return your negotiated rates on the READY TO SHIP page when quoting your shipments. If rates are not enabled, you will receive a warning message that negotiated rates on the account is not enabled. Learn more about UPS negotiated rates.
  9. Lastly, verify your "Company Details". These have been prefilled using the account information available in ShippingEasy. Please ensure the contact details entered match exactly what is on your UPS invoice. UPS is especially particular on the data entry for two specific fields:
    • Postal Code: only enter the first 5 digits of the billing zip code. Ex: 78765
    • Phone Number: enter with all numerical digits - no dashes/hyphens/spaces. Ex: 5555555555
  10. The "Terms and Conditions" are provided for you to review. Once finished, scroll all the way down to the bottom of the page and select the Yes, I accept this agreement. This tells UPS you adhere to their terms and conditions.
  11. Select the blue Connect Account and you should be good to go!

If there are any validation issues encountered, you will receive an error message and the fields to amend in red. Please remember, if you have 3 failed connection attempts, your account will be locked out for a 24 hour period.

TIP: If you encounter an error with your zip code, confirm that the address in your profile matches that on your invoice. If the error persists, contact UPS support to verify which address to use.

For questions about your specific UPS account, please contact UPS customer support.



This tells me nothing about adding UPS as a carrier as a new customers with NO EXISTING UPS account. ?????

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