What is UPS Paperless Invoice and how do I enroll?

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What is UPS Paperless Invoice?

UPS Paperless Invoice is a free service that eliminates paper invoices by electronically transferring your shipping information to UPS, thereby expediting the clearance process for Customs officials. In addition, UPS Paperless Invoice also provides an electronic NAFTA Certificate of Origin for shipments to and from the United States and Canada. The NAFTA Certificate can help you get preferential duty treatments.

Paperless Invoices can be turned on and off, so you can always go back to paper if you want.

NOTE: not all international destinations allow UPS paperless invoicing.
If an international address does not support paperless invoicing, ShippingEasy will display an alert on the READY TO SHIP page, directing you to print the customs forms from SHIPMENT HISTORY.
Learn more about printing UPS customs forms.

How do I enroll in UPS paperless invoicing?

To set up UPS Paperless Invoice, you'll need the following:

  • A UPS ID
  • A UPS Account Number
  • A digital image of you company letterhead
  • A digital image of your signature

When you have all these items ready, start the process to enroll in UPS Paperless Invoice:

  1. Log in to your account.
  2. Expand the My UPS menu and navigate to Maintain your UPS account.
  3. Accept the UPS Paperless Invoice Letter of Agreement.

Once complete, you'll typically be eligible to use UPS Paperless Invoice within 24 hours.


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