How do I find my UPS Invoice to access Negotiated Rates?

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ShippingEasy has contracted with UPS to offer lower rates for our users. You can view the most current rates available within your UPS account once integration is complete.

In order to find your UPS invoice information to integrate with ShippingEasy, follow these simple steps:

  1. Log in to the "UPS Billing Center" using your profiles username and password.
  2. Select the "Invoice >> Archive History" tab from the "Overview page".


  3. Here you can search for a date range to view Open/Past Due invoices.
  4. Once you have found an invoice, select it and download it

To use this information to register with ShippingEasy, you'll need the following information from your invoice:

  • The billing address associated with the UPS account
  • Your invoice number, invoice date, invoice amount and control ID.

    The invoice number, date and control ID  can be found at the top right of your invoice.
    The invoice amount is the total dollar value due for the invoice.



For questions about your invoice, please call UPS directly:800 811 1648 (M-F 8am-9pm ET)

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