Can I print a UPS End of Day form or PLD report?

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If you've been processing your UPS shipments via WorldShip, you're probably used to generating the required End of Day form and electronic Package Level Detail (PLD) report. The PLD report sends the shipping and package data about the shipments processed since your last End of Day process. The End of Day form is then provided to the driver to verify this information.

NOTE: Once an End of Day form with Worldship is created, UPS prompts the usage of their Smart Pickup service. Currently, ShippingEasy does not support Smart Pickup as a service option. Our Product Team is currently working on adding this integration.

Once you integrate your UPS account with ShippingEasy, you no longer need to log into WorldShip and you do not need to submit a PLD or an End of Day form.

All shipment information is automatically sent to UPS when your labels are created. This is indicated by the package/present icon on the bottom right of your UPS shipping label. This denotes the shipment data has already been sent to UPS. 


If your driver requests an End of Day form or your UPS rep requests your PLD file, please let them know that ShippingEasy is a certified UPS partner and sends this information directly to UPS using their API.

NOTE: ShippingEasy uses an API technology that sends shipment data to UPS with each label purchase. Shippers using our application do not need an End of Day manifest because the shipment data has already been sent to UPS.

All your UPS driver needs to do is pick up the package! If you prefer, your driver can do an acceptance scan to begin the tracking trail. Otherwise, the package will be scanned in when it reaches the UPS facility to begin the tracking trail. 


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