Why did my UPS label fail even though my UPS account is connected?

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If you don’t use your UPS account for 90 days, UPS may cancel the account. Call UPS to re-activate your account.


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    Kathy Sedmak

    I am unable to reprint this UPS label

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    Jennifer R. [ShippingEasy]

    Hello Kathy - When a label fails, it is usually due to an error that we receive back from the carrier. Although we display the status on the Shipment History page, you'll often find more details about the error on the READY TO PRINT page. An error like this will be displayed - and by clicking the "i" icon, you can learn more about the error:

    By selecting 'Retry', you'll be able to send the order back to the READY TO SHIP page. Learn more.

    It's best to review all the details of the shipment:

    • Shipper's address, confirming that a phone number is included
    • Customer's address, confirming that a phone number is included
    • Carrier and Service, confirming that the service is compatible with the address type (ie: PO, Residential, Commercial)
    • Packaging and Weight, confirming that the weight is correct and dimensions are complete

    If ShippingEasy foresees an error, we'll post it under the Shipping Cost.

    Should you make edits and the error persists, try sending the order back to the ORDERS page. This will often reset our database cache and remove persistent errors. Learn more.

    If you're still unable to troubleshoot the error, please post the specific error that you received.

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