What is UPS carbon neutral?

UPS carbon neutral is an option for eco-conscious shippers who want to take strides to reduce their carbon footprint. When you select UPS carbon neutral, a flat fee will be added to your bill for each package selected. Here is a list of package types and their associated carbon-neutral additional fees.

  • $0.20 Express (domestic)
  • N/A - Express Critical (domestic)
  • $0.20 Expedited (domestic)
  • $0.05 Standard (domestic)
  • $0.10 Standard (transborder)
  • $0.75 Express (worldwide)
  • N/A - Express Critical (worldwide)
  • $0.75 Expedited (worldwide)
This service is not currently available to ShippingEasy subscribers. Carbon-neutral shipments can be created directly on the UPS website. If you would like to see this feature, please be sure to comment on our forum post here.


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