Residential Delivery Surcharge | Overview

A residential delivery charge is a fee added to shipping services from shipping carriers to deliver a package to a residential address, rather than a business address.

The fee varies by carrier, service, and destination. With 2021 fees are shown below, remember to always double-check shipping costs with the carrier before purchasing postage.

USPS Residential Delivery

USPS does not charge a residential delivery fee on any services.

UPS Residential Surcharge

The UPS residential surcharge varies based on service and destination.

  • UPS Domestic Air Services: $4.80 per package.
  • UPS International Air Services: $5.00 per package.
  • UPS Standard Service: $4.80 per package.

FedEx Residential Delivery Charge

The FedEx residential delivery charge varies based on service and destination.

Domestic services:

  • FedEx Home Delivery: $4.35 per package.
  • U.S. Express Package Services: $4.95 per package.
  • U.S. Ground Services: $4.80 per package.
  • U.S. Express Freight Services: $160 per shipment.

International services:

  • International Ground Service: $4.80 per package.
  • International Express Package Services: $4.95 per shipment.
  • FedEx International Priority Freight: $160 per shipment.
  • FedEx International Economy Freight, to Canada: $160 per shipment


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