How to: Print UPS international customs forms (commercial invoices)

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All UPS international shipments require customs forms, also known as commercial invoices. Luckily, if you have Paperless Invoicing enabled, Customs Forms will be automatically sent to UPS electronically once you have generated your labels.

If you have not enabled paperless invoicing, you can find your custom invoices for downloaded directly from the ShippingEasy app. Just follow these steps!

  1. From the SHIPMENTS tab, navigate to SHIPMENT HISTORY.

  2. You can print customs forms for individual or multiple shipments at one time.

    To print customs forms for one shipment:

    • Locate the shipment.

    • Expand the Reprint menu and select Custom Forms.

    To print customs forms for multiple shipments:

    • Check each individual shipment.

    • Expand the grey Print Actions button and select Print Customs Forms

  3. Your Customs Form/s will be sent to your selected printer.

    If you have ConnectEasy configured to send your UPS documents to a specific printer, then the Customs Forms will be sent directly to your printer.  

    Otherwise, the Customs Forms will appear on the READY TO PRINT page in the Print Queue

The Customs Forms will look like this:



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