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ConnectEasy is the easiest way to integrate your scale with ShippingEasy on a Windows operating system. However, if after installing ConnectEasy, you find that your scale is not showing up in the Selected Scale list on the SETTINGS > SCALES page in ShippingEasy, then there is a good chance that another program on your computer is running a java applet that is trying to access your scale. Essentially, the java applet blocks ConnectEasy from connecting with your scale.  

How can I tell if my scale is using a java applet driver?

  1. Within Windows, navigate to Control Panel  >> Devices & Hardware >> Properties.
  2. Click the Driver tab.
  3. If the field next to Driver Provider shows "libusb", then you will need to uninstall this driver before ConnectEasy will be able to recognize your scale.


How can I uninstall the java applet driver for my scale?

  1. Within Windows, navigate to Control Panel  >> Devices & Hardware >> Properties.
  2. Click the Driver tab.
  3. Click the Uninstall button.

    Occasionally the Uninstall button may be grayed out on the driver's tab. In this case, follow these steps:

    image 2.png

    1. Search for "Device Manager" in your Start menu.
    2. Identify the "libusb-win" from the list.  Note: It may be a stand-alone in this list, or it might also be underneath "Human Interface Devices." 

      removing libsub.PNG

    3. Right-click "libusb-win" and select Remove.
    4. When removing, a popup box to remove the device will come up. Tick the box to Remove this device.  

  4. This should uninstall the java applet driver for you.
  5. Then disconnect and reconnect the scale to the computer. This should prompt a standards-compliant driver built into Windows to automatically install.
  6. Next, restart your system to ensure that everything loads properly.  First, turn off the scale, then the computer.  Turn the scale back on, then turn the computer on.
  7. Now you should be ready to complete your scale integration within ShippingEasy.  


How can I confirm that the standards-compliant driver is installed?

  1. Within Windows, navigate to Control Panel  >> Devices & Hardware >> Properties.
  2. Click on the Driver tab.
  3. Locate the HID driver listed on this page.


How can I confirm that the java applet driver was removed?

  1. From the Windows taskbar, open the ConnectEasy client.
  2. Go to the Scales tab.
  3. If your scale is displaying here, then you're good to go!  If the scale is not displaying, then the "libusb" java applet is probably hiding around somewhere else.  


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