What USB scales do you support?

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ShippingEasy integrates with specific lines of scales once you've set up ConnectEasy, our custom weighing and printing solution:


ConnectEasy is available for both Windows and Mac users. It is compatible with the following scales:

  • DYMO (all models)
  • Mettler-Toledo (all models)
  • scale (all models)

Learn how to integrate a scale via ConnectEasy.

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  • Avatar
    Alissa Barnett

    Would really like to see integration with the 2510 scale with Windows Vista.

  • Avatar
    Dave Miller

    Our DYMO scale just died and the only USB scale available at any local office supply store was a Brecknell PS25 25lb scale.  We would like to have integration for this scale as soon as possible.    

  • Avatar
    Jennifer R. [ShippingEasy]

    @Alissa Good news! Our new ConnectEasy integration for scales supports all models. You can learn more about setting this up here: How to: Integrate your USB scale with ShippingEasy (ConnectEasy Method)

    @Dave We're always on the look out for what scale models we should add support for. We have a thread in our Feature Request forum that you might be interested in posting to: Support Additional Scales Our Product Team turns to the Feature Request forum for additional ideas when prioritizing new features.

  • Avatar
    Mark Tracy

    This information is very useful, but well hidden. Please provide and maintain a list of supported models in the features pages for ConnectEasy and ShippingEasy.

  • Avatar
    Jennifer R. [ShippingEasy]

    Thanks for the feedback @Mark! We'll work to improve the visibility of this information.

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