What is a Saved Selection?

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A Saved Selection is a saved configuration of package and service types. Learn how to create a Saved Selection.

It's useful to have Saved Selections if you ship a lot of volume through a only a few service types. Saved Selections enable you to save combinations of the following carrier selections for quick recall:

  • Carrier
  • Carrier Service
  • Packaging, as well as weight if assigned to the package

Saved Selections can be chosen on the ORDERS and READY TO SHIP page.

On the ORDERS page:

Saved Selections help you take advantage of one-click shipping.

Quick Ship gives you fast access to your favorite Saved Selections. Learn more about Quick Ship.

Buy & Print opens up a variety of options to ship with greater control and flexibility. Learn more about Buy & Print.

On the READY TO SHIP page:

Your preferred Saved Selection can be populated from a selection menu.

A default option can be set for domestic and international shipments. For instance, when sending a domestic order to the READY TO SHIP page, your domestic default Saved Selection will be assigned at once. Learn more about saving default Saved Selections.


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