How to: Edit a Saved Selection

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Like many of the settings on the ShippingEasy app, your SAVED SELECTIONS can be edited on the SETTINGS Page. New accounts will have 13 Saved Selections already included in their account, which can be edited at any time. Learn more.

To edit a saved selection:

  1. Navigate to the SETTINGS Page from anywhere in the ShippingEasy app.

  2. From there, you can click on the QUICK SHIP: SAVED SELECTIONS page that is located in the SHIPMENT SETTINGS column.

  3. In order to edit a Saved Selection, you'll need to click on the edit button located on the right hand side of each Saved Selection. The button looks like a small pencil.

  4. The edit screen will allow you to edit three things from the Saved Selection:

    • The name of the Saved Selection

    • The option to make this Saved Selection your default carrier selection on the READY TO SHIP page. Remember, there can be default selections for both Domestic and International orders.

    • A keyboard shortcut for this Saved Selection. Pressing the keyboard shortcut on the READY TO SHIP page selects this Saved Selection.

  5. From the main screen, you can also choose up to five Domestic and five International Saved Selections for use with QUICK SHIP on the ORDERS page. Just click the check box in the "Quick Ship" column to select a Saved Selection for QUICK SHIP:

These are the only things that you can edit from the SETTINGS Page. If you'd like to create a new Carrier Selection, check out our how to guide. If you'd like to delete a selection, check out our guide on deleting a Saved Selection.

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