Edit Shipping Presets | How To

Shipping Presets allow you to create frequently used shipping selections ready for quick application across all your packages. Once set, you can edit, add or remove these presets on the SHIPPING PRESETS page. There are two ways to access this page:

From the ORDERS page

  1. Under the "Shipment Selections" column, click the arrow next to the carrier option being displayed.
  2. Scroll to the bottom of the drop-down and click the link "Edit Shipping Presets".

From the SETTINGS page

  1. Go to the SETTINGS from the navigation bar. app.
  2. Click on the SHIPPING PRESETS page that is located in the SHIPMENT SETTINGS column.
  3. Click through the following sections to learn how to edit each.

    Edit a Shipping Preset name

    1. Click on the name of the Shipping Preset you would like to edit.
    2. Update the name of the Shipping Preset. Click Update Preset once you have finished.

    Edit your default preset for domestic and international shipments

    A default Shipping Preset can be selected for each shipment destination - domestic and international. The default will be applied to all shipments on the READY TO SHIP page, and it will override the other Shipping Selections when using Instant Rate.

    Keep in mind that using defaults means that you will only favorite one domestic and one international Shipping Preset. If you favorite two or more presets for either destination, a default will not apply for that destination.

    To designate a default Shipping Preset, per destination:

    1. Click on the name of the Shipping Preset you would like to make the default shipping preset.
    2. Check the box under the name next to Make default domestic preset.
    3. Click Update Preset.
    4. Default Preset will now appear under the name of the preset on the SHIPPING PRESET page.

    Then repeat these steps for each destination: domestic and international.

    Assign a keyboard shortcut to a Shipping Preset

    Pressing the keyboard shortcut on the READY TO SHIP page will select this Shipping Preset. Learn more.

    1. Click on the name of the Shipping Preset you would like to make the default shipping preset.
    2. Click the drop-down menu under Keyboard Shortcut and select the shortcut you want to assign to the Shipping Preset.
    3. Click Update Preset.

    Select my favorite Shipping Presets and re-arrange them

    Favorite presets will appear when using the:

    To designate your favorite Shipping Presets

    1. Click the gray "Star" icon next to the name of the preset to assign it to your favorites.
    2. The star will turn yellow, indicating it is a favorite:


    You can also arrange the order of your favorites. Reordering your favorites on the SHIPPING PRESETS page will reflect the order in which they appear wherever you access your favorite on the ORDERS page and elsewhere in-app.

    To arrange your favorite Shipping Presets

    1. Click on the link Arrange Presets at the top right.
    2. Hover over the preset you want to reorder and drag it into the position you would like to be. You can do this as many times as you need to get the list in your preferred order.
    3. Click Done.
    4. The preset list will now appear in the updated order you arranged.


    These are the only things that you can edit from the SETTINGS Page. If you'd like to create a new Carrier Selection, check out our how-to guide. If you'd like to delete a selection, check out our guide on deleting a Shipping Preset.



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