How many line items can I include on a USPS customs form?

When shipping internationally via USPS, you can include as many line items on a customs form as you need. However, the required 4" x 6" label format will only list 5 to a page. If you need to include more than 5 line items, the additional line items will be continued on another page.

Many USPS customs forms require multiple copies. Having more than 5 line items will add additional copies. If printing your USPS customs forms from ShippingEasy, we will automatically generate the correct type and number of customs forms. Just be sure that you include all of them with your shipment.

If you want to limit the number of labels that are generated for each parcel, you may need to summarize your items list. For example, if you have nuts, bolts, screws, nails, cogs, and eyelets, you could consolidate this list into one line item called ‘Hardware’ or if you have skirts, t-shirts, tanks, etc. you could consolidate the line items to read ‘Apparel’.  Learn more about consolidating your line items.


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