What if I have my own packaging?

You can add your own packaging under SHIPMENT SETTINGS and selecting PACKAGE SETUP.

This feature allows you to set up dimensions and/or weight for specific packages that can be easily accessed while you are selecting shipping preferences on the READY TO SHIP page. A huge time saver if you use the same sized boxes, envelopes or bubble mailers again and again.

This option is good for two key things.

  1. To input the dimensions for the boxes, envelopes, bubble mailers, etc. that you use for shipping. You can input these once -- and then access from the READY TO SHIP page for relevant shipments. The box/package dimensions are automatically populated to the shipment upon selection.
    • Add to Weight - in order to account for any additional weight that the box and packaging will add, use this option. It will automatically add the specified weight every time you select the associated package to whatever the shipment weight is. To be clear, this is an additional, non-editable weight that will be added to the shipment weight.
  2. To automatically override store weight with a pre-set weight every time you select a particular package -- many customers know that if they're using Box A -- it will be packed with a particular product with a specific weight. This weight will automatically populate as the shipment weight (and override any existing input or weight downloaded from your store) every time you select the associated package.
    • Override Weight - in order to automatically populate the shipment weight, you can use this feature in package set-up. This will automatically override any specified weight for a shipment every time you select the associated package. To be clear, this is the non-editable weight that will be assigned as the shipment weight.
NOTE: Most of our customers DO NOT use both the "Add to Weight" and the "Override Weight". The "Add to Weight" works best for customers that simply want to add the weight of packaging to any shipment so they are never liable for additional postage. The "Override Weight" works best as a total weight that you would like a rate for every time you use Box A or a specified bubble mailer. If you use both, they will be added together as the total weight factored into the weight quote.



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