How to: Edit a custom package

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To save time when selecting a carrier and service in the READY TO SHIP page, ShippingEasy allows you to save packages within your Account Settings. If you need to edit a package, follow these simple steps:

    1. Navigate to the SETTINGS tab from anywhere in your account.

      Shipping Easy toolbar - settings.PNG

    2. From there, click on the PACKAGE SETUP under SHIPMENT SETTINGS.

      shipment settings package set up.PNG

    3. You will be shown the PACKAGE SETUP page, which shows any packages you have saved. Next to the package you wish to edit, there will be an pencil icon under the "Actions" heading. Select this icon.

      package set up edit.PNG

    4. Once selected, edit the package information you need to change and select Save.
      Note: the optional Add to Weight field, allows you to add the weight of the package. The Override Weight field assigns a weight value that will be given to every package of this type regardless of what the weight of the package in the store is. Here's a simple way to think about the two fields:
      • Add to Weight - This field is for the weight that will be added on top of package weight. Think of this as the weight that could be added by your packaging materials (bubble wrap, wrapping paper).
      • Override Weight - This field sets the weight of the package before you add any packaging materials. It overrides the store weight of the package.
      For more information. view our step by step guide on selecting a carrier and service.

      edit custom package.PNG

    5. Once your package has been saved, it will be shown in the main package setup window together with a confirmation message that your package has been successfully updated.

      successfully updated.png

For more information, view our guide on deleting a package or editing a custom package. (these need links?)


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