Save a Custom Package | How To

A saved custom package allows you to move quickly through the shipping process by automatically filling in your package dimensions onto the READY TO SHIP page. You can save your custom packaging within your SHIPMENT SETTINGS. Learn more about custom packaging.

Add a New Custom Package

  1. Go to the SETTINGS icon from anywhere in your account.
  3. Select the + Add New button on the top right. The PACKAGE SETUP page shows any packages you have saved. 
  4. Complete the Package Setup information.

    • Name: used to identify the saved package on the READY TO SHIP page from the Packaging drop-down menu.
    • Length/Width/Height: some carrier services and rates require dimensions. Learn how to measure your packages.
    • Add to Weight - optional. This field is for the weight that will be added, in addition to package weight, such as the weight that could be added by your packaging materials (bubble wrap, wrapping paper).
    • Override Weight: optional. This field sets the overall weight of the package. This is the non-editable weight that will be assigned as the shipment weight.  
    • Notes: optional. Will be displayed on the package set up page under the "Notes" heading.
  5. Select Save once you finish configuring the package settings.

The package will now be shown in the main package setup window. You are able to edit and delete any saved packages, using the icons under the "Actions" heading. Learn more.



I had no idea that you could create a custom package for whatever you're sending. That is really nice to know because I have a product that I am selling that needs a custom made package. I have been using normal packages, but I have gotten some complaints that the product has broken while being shipped. I will have to look more into this custom packaging. Thank you so much for this information!

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We offer up additional discussion about the benefits of carrier packaging versus custom packaging here:

If you're concerned about how well you're protecting your shipments - which is of course a key role of packaging - these articles offer up more to consider:

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