Can I use ConnectEasy to integrate a printer on a PC with ShippingEasy?

Yes! For step-by-step instructions, take a look at our Windows setup guide.




most frustrating program ever

Zebra ZP450 not printing, everything seems set up correctly much easier to use ??

support for your product is non existant

I put $25 on account that  I would like back

how can that be accomplished


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We're very sorry to see that you're experiencing this problem.  We do offer the starter plan for no cost for smaller businesses who are just shipping a few items. Many users start there then move up as their business grows!

Currently, we do not offer an a la carte option for the Starter plan to have support, but if you are interested in receiving support, I encourage you to upgrade to the Basic plan to test it out! There is a banner available on the Orders page to allow you to upgrade for a free month if you would like to try out an upgraded plan. I'm including an article below with more information as well.

I have a free Starter account - why should I upgrade to the Basic plan?

It looks like you have taken advantage of the ConnectEasy software and are successfully printing labels. 

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