Set up and print with Google Cloud Print | How To

Google has announced that Cloud Print is being retired in December 2020.

Google Cloud Print allows you to print to a selected printer whenever you're signed in with the same Google Account. Because it's a cloud based, whether you need to print to your warehouse downstairs or to your office 1,000 miles away, Google Cloud Print gives you the ease to do so. 

Follow these steps:

  • Select Settings
  • Select the Show advanced settings... link
  • Scroll down to the "Google Cloud Print" section. Click the "Add printers" button:
  • When prompted, sign in with your Google Account to enable the Google Cloud Print Connector and click the blue "Add printer(s)" button. Your account name will by displayed in the same area as the upper red box as shown here:
You're all set! You'll see a confirmation that Google Cloud Print has been enabled and added all of the printers connected to your computer. You can now print to any of the printer(s) using Google Cloud Print any time you're signed in with the same Google Account.
If your printer is Cloud Ready, follow the manufacturer's instructions or click here for instructions from Google on set up and printing.
To learn more about Google Cloud Print, click here.



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