How to: Set up your Pick Lists

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Just like labels, pick lists are a vital part of the shipping process. They keep you organized and make your process more efficient. Setting up your pick lists takes as little as a minute. Once you've made your selections, they'll remain your default settings unless you change them.

To set up your pick lists:

  1. From the SETTINGS page, click PICK LISTS under the LABEL SIZES & PRINTING OPTIONS.

  2. Select a format from the Output Format menu. Choose either Portrait or Landscape.  

    TIP: this will affect how many columns you can fit on one page when you start customizing which fields to display.
  3. Select a sorting option from the Sort By menu. Choose how you would like the pick list to be sorted.


  4. Select an option from the Sort Order menu. Choose if you would like the sorting to be Ascending or Descending.


  5. Select how you would like to see items grouped on the report.

    NOTE: making multiple selections will print a pick list for each grouping. For example, if you select Item and Order, one pick list will be generated in which all items are grouped products, and a separate list will be generated with items grouped by order. For example:
    Group by Item:
    Group by Order:
  6. Select which columns you would like to display on your pick lists. Click Edit to choose the data fields and customize the order of the columns. 

    Drag and drop fields from the "Available columns" to "Show columns in this order" if you would like to add them to your pick lists. The note in the blue bar will indicate how much more room you have to accommodate additional columns. To the right of each column title is a note in parenthesis showing how many pixels are required for that data field.

    NOTE: your choice of portrait or landscape Output Format (in Step 2) will have an affect on how many fields you can fit on a single page.


  7. Click Update to update your column selections and order.

  8. Click Preview to see what your changes will look like.

  9. Then click the Save button to save your selections and you're done!


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    Jann Richardson

    Wow! This really helps organize my orders so my staff can prepare them quickly for shipping. Thanks!

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