Printing packing slips on my thermal labels adds up - how can I save money?

While convenient, printing packing slips on thermal paper can get to be expensive.  You can print your labels from a thermal printer and your packing slips on 8.5" x 11" paper on a laser printer, you can create settings within ShippingEasy to easily do just that! 

  1. First, from anywhere on your Shippingeasy account, navigate to the SETTINGS icon.

  2. Next, click on LABELS below LABEL SIZES & PRINTING OPTIONS.

     labels highlighted.PNG

  3. Select the 4" x 6" (W/Packing Slip) option. You will not need to make a selection for packing slips. You must have your settings completed before you pay for your labels.


  4. Once you've prepared and paid for your labels, head to the READY TO PRINT page. Check the box next to the orders and/or batches you'd like to print then select "Print Selected" then select "Labels".

  5. This will group them and move them over to the PRINT QUEUE on the right. Click on the green PRINT button next to the patch.

    print queue multiple labels.PNG 
  6. This will open a new tab in your browser where you'll see the labels and packing slips in corresponding order. Click on the "save" icon on your browser to download the labels and packing slips as a PDF.

    3 labels printed.PNG
  7. Once the labels have downloaded, open them up in Adobe. Click File > Print to open up your print menu. To print your labels first, make sure your thermal printer is selected, then click on the "More Options" (if necessary) or locate the Odd or Evens menu option. Select "Odd pages only" first.

  8. After printing your labels, select print from the PDF file in Adobe again. This time, make sure your laser printer is selected, then select "Even pages only" from the More Options selection.

  9. Last, to print two 4" x 6" packing slips per page, click on the "Multiple" button below the Page Size and Handling header. Make sure the number is set to "2" pages per sheet.


Click print. You're all finished! The labels will print in the same order as the packing slips for easy fulfillment.


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