How do I confirm my international consolidator services are turned on?

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Our partners at Endicia have built support for creating international shipping labels to use when working with a shipment consolidator. If you are working with one of Endicia's international consolidator partners, that partner can work with Endicia to enable your Endicia account for access to this feature.

After you have confirmed that the international consolidator has worked with Endicia to enable your Endicia account, contact with the name of your consolidator and our Customer Success team will enable access to consolidator features within ShippingEasy.

To confirm your consolidator has been enabled:

  1. Click the Postage and Carriers link in the top right of the app.
  2. Click the   Manage Account   link for your Endicia account.
  3. The consolidator will be listed:
  4. After your account has been enabled to use an international consolidator, you will notice a difference on the READY TO SHIP page. When you are processing an international shipment (or a batch) and you select USPS as the carrier, in addition to the standard USPS international services, the consolidator options will also be listed as services.
    NOTE: when you select a consolidator service, ShippingEasy will not display a rate quote. Purchasing consolidator labels does not reduce the postage balance in your Endicia account - instead, the consolidator will invoice you for your shipments.
    If you see this error message on the READY TO PRINT screen:

    Check with your consolidator to verify that they worked with Endicia to enable your Endicia account with the correct consolidator services.


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