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If you cannot purchase postage from within ShippingEasy, it may be that your USPS account has been suspended. There are a number of reasons your account may be suspended. Find out why your account was suspended.

In the end, you are looking for the fastest way to reconnect and get shipping. ShippingEasy subscribers have either an Endicia or account which provides postage. The steps below outline how to unsuspend an account for each.

To Unsuspend a Account

ShippingEasy subscribers who need to unsuspend their account
must contact Stamps at (855) 889-7867.

To Unsuspend an Endicia Account

When an Endicia account is suspended, you are blocked from purchasing postage with the account. When this happens, you will see an alert at the top of the ShippingEasy application.

In many cases, you can unsuspend your Endicia account from within the ShippingEasy application. This guide will walk you through that process.

  1. From the top right corner of ShippingEasy, click the POSTAGE AND CARRIERS link.
  2. Click the Manage Account link for the Endicia account.
  3. Click the Reset Suspended Account button.
    NOTE: this button is only displayed when the account is suspended.
  4. After you click the button, you will see a confirmation message if your account was successfully unsuspended. Keep in mind that a new pass phrase will be set for the account automatically as part of the process of unsuspending the account.
NOTE: if you are unable to unsuspend the account via these steps, try resetting your pass phrase.


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