How to: Unsuspend my Endicia account

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An Endicia account can get suspended if you are using the Endicia account not only from within ShippingEasy, but also from another shipping application. If, for example, you change the pass phrase for the Endicia account in one application then there is no way for the other application to know the new pass phrase.  After the other application makes five attempts to access the account using the old pass phrase, Endicia will automatically suspend the account.

If your Endicia account is suspended, you will see an alert at the top of the ShippingEasy page:

A suspended account cannot be used until it has been unsuspended. 

NOTE: as part of the process of unsuspending an account, a new pass phrase will be set for the account automatically.

To unsuspend your Endicia account, follow these steps.

  1. Click the SETTINGS tab and then click POSTAGE AND CARRIERS.

  2. Click the Manage Account link for the Endicia account.

  3. Click the Reset Suspended Account button (this button is only displayed when the account is suspended).

  4. If your Endicia account was created by ShippingEasy then we will have the necessary information in our system to unsuspend the account. So after you click the button, you will see a confirmation message that the account has been unsuspended.

    If, however, you added an existing Endicia account to your ShippingEasy account, you will be prompted to provide the answer to the challenge question that you provided when the account was created. Type in the challenge answer and click Reset to unsuspend the account:

If you're unable to unsuspend your account via these steps, take a look at our guide for resetting your pass phrase.


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