How to: Change an Endicia account pass phrase

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Along with the Account ID, the Pass Phrase for your Endicia account allows you to purchase postage. If you need to change the Pass Phrase on your account for security reasons (for example, after an employee leaves your company) you can make that change within ShippingEasy. Just follow the steps below.

Important: Do not use this process if your Endicia account is currently suspended; instead refer to this article on How do I unsuspend my Endicia account.

  1. Click the SETTINGS tab and then click POSTAGE AND CARRIERS.

  2. Click the Manage Account link for the Endicia account.

  3. Click the Change Pass Phrase button

  4. Type in your new pass phrase.
    Endicia requires that your new pass phrase:

    • Be at least 5 characters long
    • Be no more than 64 characters long
    • Not have been used previously as your account's pass phrase

    For additional security, Endicia recommends that your new pass phrase:

    • Be at least 10 characters long
    • Contain more than one word
    • Contain at least one upper case character
    • Contain at least on lower case character
    • Contain at least one number
  5. Click the Change button and you're done!


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