How to: Find my Endicia account details

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ShippingEasy stores your Endicia account credentials in app. This keeps them secure and makes them easy to find.

Use this guide to locate your Account Number, Pass Phrase, Security Challenge Answer, or Internet Password.

  1. From the top right corner of the ShippingEasy app, navigate to the POSTAGE AND CARRIERS page.
  2. On the POSTAGE AND CARRIERS page, you'll see your Endicia account information.
  3. The Account ID (ie Account Number) is readily visible.
  4. To see the rest of your account details, select Show Passwords.
  5. Here you will find all of your Endicia account details, including:
    • Account Pass Phrase
    • Endicia Web Password (ie Internet Password)
    • Security Question Answer (ie Challenge Answer)
    Use this information to confirm your account with Endicia customer support or access your account at 


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