How to: Raise the max postage balance on my Endicia account

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By default, Endicia accounts are created with a $500 postage balance limit. However, Endicia can approve an increased postage balance limit. The maximum limit depends on your payment method:

  • Credit Card: $1,200 max balance.
  • ACH Billing: $5,000 max balance.

By default, your Endicia account will be set up to bill to a credit card. If you would like to raise your postage balance limit to $5,000, make sure you set up ACH billing before proceeding. Learn how to set up ACH billing with Endicia.

How do I contact Endicia to raise my postage balance limit?

Call 1-800-576-3279 ext.130 for Endicia technical support.

What information do I need when calling Endicia?

Endicia will ask for your Account ID and may prompt you with security questions. You can find all of this information within ShippingEasy, by clicking on the POSTAGE AND CARRIERS link in the top right hand corner of your account. View our step-by-step guide

How do I update my Endicia billing method?

Now is a great time to verify that you have updated billing information with Endicia, including whether you are billing to a credit card or via ACH. View our step-by-step guide

What are my options for refilling my postage balance?

Once in place, you'll be able to top off your Endicia balance to the maximum limit, adding up to the refill limit with each postage balance purchase. You can choose to top off your postage balance or set up automatic refill; with the auto refill limit relying on whether this is set up within ShippingEasy or

Manual postage refill: Proactively add more postage to your balance via the Postage Balance link or wait to top off your balance when prompted during label generation. Learn more.

Automatic postage refill: Arrange for ShippingEasy or Endicia to automatically top off your account when your balance reaches a minimum threshold that you specify. Be sure to only set up one of these options to avoid both systems attempting to refill at the same time.

  • Via ShippingEasy: Configure ShippingEasy to automatically add $10 - $500 to your postage balance automatically. Learn how to set this up.
  • Via Endicia: Set up your account to add $100 - $2000+ (depending on your maximum balance limit) to your postage balance automatically. Set this up at >> My Account >> Update Profile >> Auto-Purchase Settings. 


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    Stephan Urdovski

    Hello dear support. I tried this on my Mac, but it crashes when I start it. I tried again, but still not work. I need some support help from you.

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    Jennifer R. [ShippingEasy]

    Hello Stephan - Thanks for reaching out to us.

    The ability to raise an Endicia postage balance should not be affected by your operating system. Also, ShippingEasy is compatible with all operating systems. Though, we recommend running it in Chrome when possible. Firefox or Safari also work in most cases.

    If you're having problems viewing the app in any browser, please take a look at our troubleshooting tips.

    Should you continue to experience problems, could you provide a detailed summary of the steps you took before you encountered the error?

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