How to: Refund an Endicia postage balance if I added too much

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If you accidentally add too much to an Endicia account and you want to receive a refund for the balance you will need to close the Endicia account. Endicia only provides refunds for a postage balance when an Endicia account is closed.

Once the account is closed, it may take Endicia up to 14 days to issue a refund, which could be returned to your credit card or mailed to you as a check. If you later decide that you require the services provided by the specific type of Endicia account, you can always open a new free account.

To close your Endicia account:

  1. Select POSTAGE AND CARRIERS above the blue navigation bar from anywhere in the app.

  2. Click the Show Passwords link under the specific Endicia account to show your Endicia Web Password.
  3. Login to Endicia using the Account ID and Endicia Web Password as shown in ShippingEasy. 
    enter endicia login info.PNG
  4. As account closure is a permanent, first verify and update if necessary your contact information, including the email address and physical and mailing addresses. Navigate through the following steps to update each:
    • Email: My Account > Update Profile > Contact Information

    • Mailing address: My Account > Update Profile > Physical Address

    • Physical address: My Account > Update Profile > Mailing Address 

  5. To proceed with closing your account, go to My Account tab.
  6. Under the Update Profile tab, select the Close Account option.
    close account screenshot.png
  7. Select Continue.
    attention this is closing your account.PNG
  8. Select Close.
    attention select close endicia.PNG
  9. Select SIGN OUT.


How is my postage balance refund processed?

If you have a remaining postage balance, it will be refunded to the credit card that was most recently used to purchase postage. If you have not purchased postage within three months, the balance refund may be mailed to you in the form of a check. Postage balance refunds for postage purchased using direct debit from a checking account will be mailed as a check. It is important to verify that the mailing address on the account is correct prior to closing the account to avoid delays.

How are my pending refund requests handled?

If you have any pending refund requests for postage misprints, the account status changes to "Pending Close", and the account will wait until all requests have been processed before closing. After all refunds have been processed, the account status will change to "Closed" and the unused postage balance will be refunded.

How do I remove the closed Endicia account from ShippingEasy so that I can open a new one?

  1. Return to ShippingEasy.
  2. Select POSTAGE AND CARRIERS above the blue navigation bar from anywhere in the ShippingEasy app.

  3. Click the red Disconnect button to the right of the Endicia account and confirm OK.
    endicia disconnect.PNG
  4. This will remove the account and present a blue Register a FREE Account! button. Click this.
    register free account.PNG


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