How to: View my postage balance

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You can find out how much postage you have at any point in your shipping process by navigating to your Postage and Carriers settings.

  1. To make it easy, there are two ways to get to your Postage and Carriers settings:

    Quick link from any page in app:

    From any page on your ShippingEasy account, you'll see quick links in the upper right hand corner of your screen.

    Click Postage and Carriers to navigate directly to the Postage and Carriers settings.


    From the SETTINGS page:

    Navigate to the SETTINGS page. Under SHIPMENT SETTINGS, click on POSTAGE AND CARRIERS.


  2. Once in the POSTAGE AND CARRIERS page, you'll see all your connected carrier accounts listed. To the right of the Endicia account, locate the Postage Balance.


If you'd like to see how to add to your postage balance, check out our step by step guide.


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