Add more funds to a One Balance account | How To

ShippingEasy for One Balance makes managing your label funds easy. Avoid creating multiple charges for individual shipments by simply adding a sum of money to be debited whenever you purchase a label. Any time you need to add to your funds, all you'll need to do is select the amount you'd like to add - no re-entering your credit card, no forms to fill out. So easy!

Follow these steps to top off your funds:

  1. Navigate to the ONE BALANCE AND CARRIERS link at the top of your account.
  2. From here, you'll see the logo for One Balance. To add postage, click on the Add Money button to the right of the logo.

  3. A modal window will appear showing your current balance. Type in the dollar amount in the field next to Amount. Click Add Money to confirm and add.
  4. You'll automatically see your new balance reflected on the ONE BALANCE AND CARRIERS page.



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