Assign Weight to Orders based on Past Shipments - Shipping Rules | Guide

Package weight is an important factor in shipping-it frequently determines how much you'll be charged for postage! Make saving money easy by assigning a shipping rule to automatically cover the weight of your most shipped items.

Our Estimated Weight Rule automatically sets Order weights for shipping based on weights you've entered previously. Learn more about the estimated order weight rule.

You can still easily review and edit the item or order to make sure you're happy with the estimates before you ship. 

Using a Shipping Rule to estimate your order weights is a wonderful time-saving tool if you do not have weights set up in your store and you don't currently have a scale integrated. No more entering weights one-by-one. Just set this rule and spend even less time shipping:

  2. Click the blue Add New button.
    add new button 2.png
  3. In the field Rule Name, enter a name that describes this rule, such as "Add Weight".
    shipping rule add weight.PNG
  4. Set the "IF" condition to: Order weights | Is equal to | 0 lbs | 0 oz
    If weight shipping rule.PNG
  5. Set the "THEN" action to: Set estimated order weight
    Then shipping rule.PNG
  6. Click Save rule to save your new rule and you're done! You'll start seeing estimated weights appear on the READY TO SHIP page.
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