Use My Address Book When Creating a Manual Order | How To

ShippingEasy's address book feature - saved to your CUSTOMER ADDRESSES settings - makes it easy to add Manual Orders for repeat customers.

If you have not already set up your address book, learn more about adding an individual or uploading a CSV file of addresses.

To use your address book when adding a Manual Order

  1. Click on Create Label and select New Label from the navigation bar.
  2. Click in the Search saved addresses box and type at least two characters of the customer’s first name, last name, street address, or city and ShippingEasy will display the entries that match. The more characters you type, the shorter the list of displayed results. Click the correct result as it is displayed.
  3. After you have selected an address, the address form fields will populate with the saved address.
  4. Complete the rest of the order fields and select the Add Order button. Learn more about adding manual orders.


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