How to: Save an individual contact to my Customer Addresses

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Saving your customer's addresses creates an efficient shipping process as well as saving you time when entering manual orders.
To save addresses for future use, follow these simple steps:

  1. Locate and select SETTINGS in the ShippingEasy navigation bar.

  2. Within 'Account Settings', locate and select CUSTOMER ADDRESSES.

  3. To add a single customer address, select the + Add New button on the right.
        To upload multiple customer addresses using a CSV file, click here.

  4. Enter the necessary customer information.


    NOTE: addresses will be validated through SmartyStreets. If an address will not validate, you have the option to use anyway. Please be aware, however, that an invalid address assumes the risk of non-delivery.  Learn more.

  5. Select Save at the bottom.

Once an address has been saved, it will appear in the address book table, where you can delete or edit it at any time.

For help uploading addresses, click here.

See how you can use this saved address for Manual Orders here.

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