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ShippingEasy can automatically send email messages to your customers letting them know when their order has been shipped and also when a return label is needed.

By default, ShippingEasy creates templates that are used to create email messages that are sent to your customers. If the resulting emails look good to you, there is nothing more to do. But if you want to customize the content of those email messages and save them to a specific store, you can follow these steps.

Create the template:

  1. Click SETTINGS and then click EMAIL TEMPLATES.

  2. To add a new template, click the +Add New button.
    Or to edit an existing template, click the pencil icon for that template:
  3. If you are creating a new template, type in a name for it:
  4. To give yourself a starting point, load a ShippingEasy default template. To load a default template, select a Type.
    ShippingEasy provides three default templates:

    • Shipping Confirmation: lets your customers know that their order has been shipped.
    • Delivery Confirmation: notifies your customer that a shipment has been delivered.
    • Return Shipping: contains a return shipping label as an attachment, along with instructions for your customer on how to return a purchase.
  5. After you pick a default template, click the Load Default button.
  6. Now that you have some content for your email message, you can use the toolbar to change the font, color, indentation, etc. You can even insert a table or a bulleted list. 
  7. In the default email templates, you will notice references to fields like:


    When ShippingEasy creates the email to send to your customer, it will substitute in the correct value for that field - in this example, the name of your customer.  There is a wide variety of different field values that ShippingEasy can substitute in for you.
    They are available from the 3 variable menus in the toolbar, Store, Recipient, and Shipment: Screen_Shot_2017-03-06_at_4.22.40_PM.png

    Store Variables:

    Recipient Variables:

    Shipment Variables:

    PS_Store_Variables.png PS_Recipient_Variables.png PS_Shipment_Variables.png

    To insert a field value, click in the body of the email with your mouse, and then click the button to the right for the field you want to insert.

    Learn more about:

  8. As you experiment with different content and formatting options, periodically send yourself an example email message by clicking the Send Test button.

    NOTE: The test email messages will not contain information from an actual order or from any of the stores that you have configured in ShippingEasy. The fields are populated with "test" values, including a test logo if you specify a logo in the message.  Learn more about previewing your custom email.

Add it to your store:

  1. After you save your template, you are ready to make use of it by assigning it to a store. 
    NOTE: if you plan to assign the template via a rule, you do not need to assign it to a store. Learn more about Shipping Rules.
    Click the SETTINGS tab and then click STORES & ORDERS under the INTEGRATION column.
  2. Select the store with which you want to use the template, and then click Edit store settings.
  3. Click the "Notifications" tab. Scroll down to the "Communication" section.
    You will see sections for:
    • Confirmation email settings section 
    • Return email settings
  4. In the corresponding sections, you can:

    Provide your customers with a notification that their shipment is on its way.

    1. Check the box next to Send shipment confirmation email to buyer with tracking number. to turn on the confirmation emails.
    2. From the Select Shipping Confirmation Email Template drop-down menu, select the template you would like ShippingEasy to send.
    Return Shipping Email:

    Provide your customers with a return label and instructions to return their shipment.

    1. Check the box next to Send a return shipping email to the buyer with the shipping label attached to turn on return shipping emails.
    2. From the Select Return Shipping Email Template drop-down menu, select the template you would like ShippingEasy to send.
  5. When you finish configuring your Communication settings, scroll to the bottom of the page, and click Save. Then you are done!


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