How to: Send prepaid return shipping labels to my customers

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When purchasing prepaid return shipping labels, you may want to email the labels to your customers. ShippingEasy has you covered!

Set up individual preferences for each store integrated with your ShippingEasy account. Turn on the option to automatically send return shipment notifications to your customers with the prepaid return shipping label attached. Even customize the email message and customer reply address.

NOTE: your customers can only receive an email confirmation if an email address is included in their order details. Prepaid return labels will not physically print when the option to automatically send return shipment notifications has been enabled.
In addition, only prepaid return shipping labels may be emailed automatically from ShippingEasy. Scan-based return labels will be generated as PDFs. Learn more about scan-based return shipping labels.

To configure a store to automatically send prepaid return shipment confirmation emails to your customers:

  1. Navigate to the SETTINGS tab from anywhere in your account 

  2. Click on the STORES & ORDERS section under INTEGRATION. 

  3. This will bring up a screen that displays all of the stores that you've integrated into ShippingEasy's app. Within each store's section, you'll see a link, Edit Store Settings. Locate this link for the store that you would like to set up prepaid return shipment email confirmations and then click on it.

  4. From the STORE DETAILS page, scroll down to the "Communication" section.

  5. Check the box next by Send Buyer Return Shipping Email.


  6. From the Select Return Shipping Email Template menu, choose the email template you would like to use. ShippingEasy has a default available - see how it looks. You can also opt to create a customized return shipment confirmation email - learn more.

  7. If you would like to receive a copy of the return shipment confirmation emails to your inbox, specify an email address in the Send Copy of Buyer Emails to field.

  8. To receive your customers' email inquiries about their purchases, specify an email address in the Buyer Email Reply-To field.

  9. Scroll to the bottom of the page and Save the changes.

Now that your prepaid return shipment confirmation email has been configured, your future prepaid return shipping label purchases will be accompanied by an email sent directly to your customers. Too easy!

NOTE: when return shipment email confirmations are turned on for any given store, prepaid return shipping labels that include email addresses, will not automatically print. The labels may be reprinted from the SHIPMENT HISTORY print actions menu.

If you have previously purchased prepaid return shipping labels that you would like to email to your customers, you can resend email from the SHIPMENT HISTORY page. Learn more.


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