Why aren't my customers receiving confirmation emails when I create labels?

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Each of your stores in ShippingEasy has the option to send confirmation emails to your customers. You can turn this option on or off within each store's settings, from the Stores & Orders page.

  1. Navigate to the SETTINGS tab from anywhere in ShippingEasy and click on STORES & ORDERS under INTEGRATION.

  2. Select the Store you would like to create confirmation emails for by clicking Edit store settings.

  3. Your customers may not be receiving confirmation emails because you've forgotten to mark the Send Buyer Shipping Confirmation Email check-box in the "Communication" section. If this is the case, simply check this box and follow the steps needed to set up email confirmations.

  4. You can also elect to have a copy of all emails sent to customers sent to yourself. Next to Send Copy of Buyer Emails to box, enter your email address. 

    BCC copy emails.PNG

If your customers are still not receiving confirmation emails despite having this box and the appropriate fields checked, you may have a technical problem. Please contact our support team if that is the case.



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