How to: Assign emails and messages to specific stores

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With your ShippingEasy account you can set up customized email messages. Your shipping process is given a personal touch and your branding is consistent across all aspects of your business. 

    1. To create and assign emails and messages to your store, navigate to the SETTINGS tab from anywhere in your account and under STORE INTEGRATION click on the STORES & ORDERS header.

    2. From here, you'll see the store(s) you've integrated with ShippingEasy. Click on the Edit store settings for which you want to set up customization.

    3. Scroll down to "Communication". Select edit or create a new template for confirmation or return shipping emails.

      communication edit email.PNG

    4. Click "+Add New".

      email templates add new.PNG

    5. Create a new email template with a name, type and subject 

      new email template.PNG

    6. Click "Create Template" to save 

      create template.PNG

If you have multiple stores, you will need to go into each individually to set up these customization preferences. 


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