Assign Emails and Messages to Specific Stores | How To

With ShippingEasy, you can set up customized email messages. This gives your shipping process a personal touch and your branding stays consistent across all aspects of your business. Before you can assign customized messages to your store, you need to create an email template. Learn how to create an email template.

To assign emails to a specific store

  1. To create and assign emails and messages to your store, navigate to SETTINGS from anywhere in your account, and under INTEGRATION click on the STORES & ORDERS header.

  2. From here, you will see the store(s) you have integrated with ShippingEasy. Click on the Edit store settings for which you want to set up customization.
  3. Under the "Notifications" tab, you will see emails settings sections:
    • Confirmation email settings section 
    • Return email settings
  4. Select the default email template or choose a custom email from the dropdown.
  5. Once you have selected the correct email for each section, click Save.

If you have multiple stores, you will need to go into each individually to set up these customization preferences. 


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