How to: Set different zip codes for my Return and Ship From Postal Code

If you ever find that you need to drop your packages off at a zip code other than that listed as your default return address, then you can opt to use an alternate zip code for the purposes of calculating your postage rates.

NOTE: This feature is only available for USPS Domestic shipments. There is no need to set up an alternate zip code if you will be dropping your packages off at the same zip code as your return address.
  2. Click on Edit store settings under your store name. 

    NOTE: this will need to be edited for each store that you process shipments.
  3. Under the "Store Info" tab, find the Ship From Postal Code field and enter the zip code for the post office where you will be dropping off your packages.
  4. Scroll to the bottom of the page and Save your changes.


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How will we know this has been applied to a label? I just did as these instructions directed, but the labels I bought specifically said "Shipped from ZIP Code XXXXX", which was my home ZIP. It should be one different from my home ZIP. How do we verify the settings are being applied correctly?

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Thank you for your message!

I took a look at your account and see that you have an alternate zip code listed for your Shopify and Manual Orders stores but not for your Etsy store platform.  If you would like an alternate zip code for your Etsy orders then please follow the steps again for that store.  If the labels you are referring to were not from Etsy, please provide example order numbers so I can dig further.

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I figured it out. The settings for the "ship from" ZIP code do not get applied to orders already created (which is really frustrating). I had to rebuild them all manually. 

It is also not possible to edit a duplicate shipment and doing so does not update the shipping ZIP code to the number set in the store settings. 

I would assume that until the actual shipments/labels are created, it would be possible to edit the "ship from" ZIP in the store settings and be able to modify already-created (or imported) orders. But that doesn't seem to be the case.

Would like to request that be implemented.


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Hi again,

I'm glad to hear you figured it out!

Yes, the store settings are not retroactive so they only apply to new orders that sync.

I would be glad to mention your request to our Product Manager on your behalf.  You are also welcome to post in our Feature Request Forum under this heading:  

Feature Requests - Shipping: Orders, Labels & Shipments

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It isn't limited to synced orders, it happens to manually created orders as well.

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