Add a Store To My Account | How To

After you have registered your ShippingEasy account, you can add additional stores to your account.

  1. Go to SETTINGS from anywhere in the ShippingEasy app and click on STORES & ORDERS.

  2. The STORES & ORDERS page will display all of the stores that you've added to your account.
  3. To add another store, click on the +Add New button.

    Users that are not the account owners must have the "Add Orders" permission enabled to add a new store.
  4. On the NEW STORE page, select your new store type from the Platform menu.
  5. Depending on the platform, you will be prompted to provide a store URL and/or other credentials. Links to specific directions for integrating the selected store can be found underneath the credential fields. See a complete list of integration guides.
  6. Once complete, your new stores' orders will start syncing within 15 minutes. Learn more about the initial order download.

Now you're ready to ship!



hi, I cannot find Mercari store. are planning to add this store soon?

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Hello Yerbol, and thank you for visiting our support center.

Unfortunately we do not have any immediate plans to integrate with Mercari.

However, that being said, our community has considerable influence on the course of our development. The more interest we see for certain features or integrations, the more likely they will be added to our app.

Would you consider reposting your specific needs and interest in Mercari to our Feature Requests forums? These are monitored by our CEO and Product Team and used to prioritize future development work.

We look forward to seeing you in the Feature Request forum and taking an active role in helping to shape ShippingEasy!

Thank you and happy shipping!

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