How to: Disconnect a store from my account

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You can disconnect a store from your ShippingEasy account in 3 simple steps, as long as your store is not being used by any current shipping rules.

  1. Navigate to the SETTINGS tab from anywhere in ShippingEasy and click on the STORES & ORDERS page under the INTEGRATION column.

  2. To disconnect a store, simply click on the red X button that's at the right hand side of every store's bar on the STORES page. 

  3. A pop up dialog will open to confirm you would like to remove the store and archive it. Click OK to remove the store. 
    Note: An error message may appear, if the store your are attempting to remove is being used by a shipping rule. The rule named in the error will need to be edited or deleted, before the store can be disconnected. Learn how to edit or delete a Shipping Rule here.

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