ShippingEasy Platform Integrations - Connect a Store | FAQs

To win at e-commerce, you need more than just a simple shipping solution. By integrating your stores with ShippingEasy, you can ensure your business's success by taking advantage of the full ShippingEasy platform: shipping, inventory management, and customer marketing. These features help you reduce costs on shipping, automatically update stock levels, and manage your reputation while reaching new customers.

How do I integrate my store with ShippingEasy?

How many stores can I connect?

There is no limit to how many stores you can integrate to ShippingEasy. Check out ShippingEasy's integration guides to connect another store.

Can I connect multiple stores, from the same platform to ShippingEasy?

Yes. If you sell on two different websites that are both hosted on the same sales platform, you can integrate each store with ShippingEasy. Learn more about integrating specific store types.


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